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Building a Library (on Record Review)

Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake (11 April 2015)

Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6 (Op. 74), ‘Pathétique’ (4 June 2016)

Professor Frolova-Walker discusses the making of this podcast here

Composer of the Week

Breaking Free: A Century of Russian Culture: Soviet Russia (1917-1953)

10 November 2017

In the first of two-podcasts, Donald Macleod and Marina Frolova-Walker explore the lives and works of Soviet musicians working in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution.

17 November 2017

Donald Macleod and Marina Frolova-Walker look at the lives and masterpieces of Soviet musicians working in the second half of the twentieth century.

Other podcasts and radio broadcasts

Martin Sixsmith in conversation with Marina Frolova-Walker about Soviet Music and the state, including discussion of works by Mosolov, Prokofiev, and Glière.  

‘Music of the Russian Revolution’, ‘The Music Show’, ABC Radio (5 November 2017)

Professor Marina Frolova-Walker and pianist Peter Donohoe, talk about the changes in music before, during and after the Russian Revolution.

Eugene Onegin, Glyndebourne (30 April 2014)

Marina Frolova Walker and Glyndbourne dramaturg Cori Ellison, discuss Tchaikovsky’s tale of love and loss, Eugene Onegin (1879)

‘Russianness in Music’, Podcast for The Hedgehog and the Fox (2008)